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Welcome to Secure Data Centers

Secure Data Centers is list of UK Secure Data Center's. See the links page for more information.

Secure Datacenters is made up of a highly-trained team of experts dedicated to the security and integrity of your mission critical data. Hosting on Linux, Unix and Mac servers.

Our focused and committed approach has ensured that customers have remained loyal to the company since its formation in 2001, growing their own businesses and expanding their hosting needs in conjunction with us.

Managing Servers

Managing servers - particularly multiple servers - in-house often causes a real strain on resources; keeping up with changes and developments in software and security alone can be a time-consuming task.

We can offer various levels of support, to offer you as much or as little of our staff's time and expertise as you need.

Our 'intelligent hands' packages are available at a range of levels and cost options so give our team a call and we can arrange something that suits you.

A range of servers options is available with Secure Newcastle Datacenter.

For businesses with larger needs or those that have grown out of their virtual dedicated servers, we supply custom dedicated servers with flexible bandwidth and backup options.

Modern dual-core CPUs and SATA or SCSI drives ensure our dedicated servers far out-strip the typical models offered by other providers.


The management package can be tailored to fit, so as with the virtual servers you can have complete control over your server, or we can manage the server for you; taking care of backups and security upgrades and keeping your server in optimum working order, providing total peace of mind.

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Situated in the heart of Newcastle upon Tyne, in the middle of the area dubbed ‘Silicon Alley’, ZebraHosts has earned a unique reputation for itself by offering superb hosting, colocation and connectivity services, in a secure location to a range of companies large and small, throughout the region and beyond.

Call us on 0191 261 7555 for your secure datacenter needs.